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As more and more recruiting and hiring is done on LinkedIn, this network is simply a must for job coaching. The LinkedIn Coach gives you advice on how to optimize your profile.

Essential LinkedIn job search tips

Before going into the details of examples of LinkedIn profiles that work with recruiters, let’s remember what’s essential: a linkedin profile is the Swiss army knife you need to find a job. A figure every job coach needs to know about the importance of a LinkedIn profile:
80% of the French workforce uses LinkedIn

80% of the working population uses LinkedIn in France!

A perfect Linkedin profile must enable the company to see very quickly: because recruiters are really overwhelmed and are asked to sort through a superhuman number of candidates). The most important thing is to have a professional Linkedin profile, i.e. one completed in accordance with the basic rules I’ll explain below.

LinkedIn tip number 1: The right photo

Choose a Linkedin photo that’s sober, professional…but also smiling and pleasant. Banish linkedin photos where it’s immediately obvious that you’ve cut out your portrait from a group photo or vacation snapshot. Forget travel settings and casual outfits. Avoid questionable framing, blurred or pixelated photos. Watch out for garish colors and provocative clothing. Also, remember that this is not a mug shot, so choose your best profile and smile at us, at least a little; make us want to meet you and work with you later. You’re our future office colleague or the person we’re going to face in the canteen…

LinkedIn tip number 2: The presentation summary

You can write a linkedin presentation in your profile, one or two paragraphs that will appear below your photo. Do it in the News section (check it out in“Add a section“)! This is a new mini cover letter. Remember that in a CV you say the “what” and in an email or cover letter you say the “why”. Indicate your main qualities, your key skills, what motivates you in your choices or in your missions, what got you where you are, what you expect and, why not, a quote that sums you up. Keep it short, choose your words carefully and draw inspiration from the best LinkedIn profiles with the descriptions you find there.

Example: https: //

LinkedIn tip number 3: Background image

This LinkedIn background image feature should be exploited. The background image, as with facebook, will be a sort of banner at the top of your profile. Use it to insert an image related to your profession, your sector or your tastes…but keep it professional. In the blink of an eye, looking at your photo, your background banner and your title, the recruiter needs to understand what you’re looking for or what best sums you up. You need to play on the feel, as with any packaging.
Caution: Image quality must be perfect, so take high-resolution photos from the Internet to avoid blurred rendering. Jobtimise customers have access to a database of selected background images, on the dedicated Machinajob platform.

LinkedIn tip number 4: The title of your LinkedIn profile

This is perhaps the most important element (along with the photo) of the LinkedIn job search! What’s your LinkedIn profile tagline? What is your service offering (what will you offer to a future company recruiting you)? If you don’t customize this title, LinkedIn will default to the title of your most recent work experience (for example: Marketing Assistant at LMS). It would be a shame to miss this opportunity to attract attention and show your added value; remember, recruiters want to move fast.

You need to take advantage of this space to announce the color in a few words. That’s the summary of the summary. You don’t want to be wacky (“Communication Guru”), but it’s a good idea to “sell yourself” in this title. So it’s important that the person reading it first knows what you do, then who or what you do it for (mentioning the sector or a passion for a job, for example) and finally the things that set you apart (qualities, experience, special know-how). It has to be clear and explicit, but also “sexy” enough to make people want to enter your LinkedIn page and read more.

Recent examples include our customers who quickly landed jobs:

– Multi-skilled talent recruiter I Specialized in IT profiles I Bilingual English
– Project Manager – Part-time (available immediately) – 2 years sales and marketing experience
– Management and strategy consultant – Banking industry & Start-up ecosystem
– International Business Developer/Sales 🇺🇸🇫🇷 🇨🇳🇳🇿l 5 years experience | Real Estate, Luxury and Equine Industries

LinkedIn tip number 5: Your job descriptions

It’s important to focus on the essentials, i.e. your description of each of your professional experiences. Recruiters will be looking at your profile to find out about these experiences. Avoid self-censorship and don’t neglect experiences. It’s best to be exhaustive and include all your experiences, unless you’ve really flitted around a lot. The benefits are numerous in terms of networking: you increase the number of people who have been through the same companies as you and with whom you can interact (see LinkedIn/Relations). Of course, you’ll develop the most significant experiences much more, and you’ll choose stronger words; you have to prioritize.

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