Nos coaches

Each coach accompanies you thanks to his human qualities and his skills to guide you towards the success you hope for; each of us has the experience, the psychology and the knowledge of the labor market.


  • Meet our coach, Mary Deroy Coach

    After studying business at a top 20 European university, Mary became passionate about helping companies develop their human potential. She has made bold choices, always based on her passions and instincts.

    Mary conducts career workshops relating to women, work and stress and a variety of other topics. Her past experience includes working in finance, human resources and she also managed a leather factory in Mexico for 7 years.

  • Meet our coach, Mustapha Ben Kalfate Co-founder

    Mustapha started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 21. During his studies he created PGE-PGO, a private university that became a leader in France. He sold PGE-PGO Group in 2016.

    After 3 years of world tour and 45 countries visited, he invested in the development of Jobtimise. First in Switzerland and now in 12 other countries.

    Last but not least, Mustapha is a LinkedIn Learning Mentor. He joined LinkedIn in 2019 in parallel to his activities at Jobtimise.