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  • Your coach is available and responsive, he/she adapts to you

  • You progress at your own pace, according to your needs and your objectives

  • Unlimited sessions, tailor-made and with a commitment: accompany you until the end of your process

  • 100% CPF fundable, Jobtimise does it with you

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Coaching process

Coaching process

Your sessions are tailor-made, individual and your coach is by your side all the time.

  • Discussion phase with your coach

    Your experiences, your qualities, your know-how

  • Your values

    Through tests such as the Ikigai or the MPI, questionnaires and a review of your main experiences, your coach helps you identify the essential values around which to make your career choices.

  • Your "professional identity"

    Thanks to a 360 survey as well as our predictive tool JobEden, we help you determine your professional identity to give meaning to your career and make the decisions that are good for you.

  • Which projects would suit you best?

    You will study with your dedicated coach the opportunities that "match" your personality and your profile.

  • Field survey

    You will be guided and accompanied to talk with professionals in the sectors and professions that interest you, because before deciding, you have to go and see how things are going in concrete terms.

  • Financial plan

    For a successful conversion, you have to think about finances. Your coach will take the time with you to study the organization of your new life project in detail.

  • Skills to be acquired: training

    In some cases, it will be useful and wise to acquire new professional skills because sectors are recruiting enormously. Your coach will therefore help you choose the right funding, the right organizations and the right knowledge to acquire.

  • Why not create your business?

    If this is one of your dreams, your coach will study the feasibility with you and, if you embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, it is the founders of Jobtimise in person who will accompany you in your steps!

  • Coaching Application tools

    You redo your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile live.

  • Networking Coaching

    Your coach teaches you the techniques and prepares your action plan to boost your opportunities

  • The 1mn Pitch

    You will learn to say what you need to say to find a job, feel good and distinguish yourself positively

  • Job interview coaching

    Training, simulations, trick questions to make your professional project a reality and take the plunge.

  • Present yourself at the start of a job interview

    Manage stress and answer with a solid foundation to any question

  • How to talk about yourself

    Circles method, GM5 method, 10/20/70 method

  • Questions to ask at the end of the interview / hiring process

  • Job Search Strategies

    Advertisements, unsolicited applications, networks, recruiting companies

  • Salary and benefits negotiations

They found thanks to this coaching
  • Support via a skills assessment to define my IKIGAI. I had the joy of being accompanied by a team that listened and reacted, and was able to redirect the course to meet my needs as closely as possible. I am continuing the adventure with a clearer project and more motivation. Thank you for your help. !

  • I recommend the professionalism of Jobtimise, a team of experts, to help us find the new job of our dreams. Concrete techniques, real time reactivity. Even in times of crisis the results are there. Go for it without hesitation.

  • Great! Jobtimise helped me get on track and ensured that I stayed there. My needs were quickly understood and a strategy was put in place that matched my profile.  Advice and personal follow-up through weekly sessions.

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