Retraining and impostor syndrome

When you consider your turn in your career, before embarking on a professional retraining, you may be thinking of the famous “impostor syndrome”. Indeed, this consists in doubting that you will be in your place, that you will be able to carry out the missions that will be entrusted to you.

So let’s look at the impostor syndrome. First, what is its exact definition? Wikipedia gives a rather “excessive” definition of it: “express a form of morbid doubt which essentially consists in denying the ownership of any personal achievement . These people therefore more or less systematically reject the merit linked to their work and attribute the success of their companies to elements that are external to them (luck, their relationships, particular circumstances). They often perceive themselves as born deceivers who abuse their colleagues, their friends, their superiors and expect to be unmasked any day..”

To put it more simply, in the professional sphere, people who experience this impostor syndrome live with a lack of self-confidence that makes them doubt their skills. And their anxiety is that others will find out or notice it.

How to overcome your impostor syndrome?

So our customers, like you, are getting big victories over impostor syndrome. But how do they do it?

  • They dare to talk about it, especially with their personalized coach . Free speech is a great way to become aware of your value and overcome the impostor syndrome, the personalized coach is your ally, attentive and responsive;
  • They learn to look at “the facts” through the Jobtimise career passport . We look at everything together in detail and then you realize “Oh but I can do all that!”
  • They are accompanied to make their relationship to failure and mistakes healthier . It’s all an optimistic and realistic job of changing the relationship to failure, getting out of suffering and reacting in a new way. A good in-depth review does that;
  • They learn to accept compliments and favorable regard from others. Knowing how to receive compliments is a weakness when you have impostor syndrome. But the good news is that it heals rather quickly and very well. You will see yourself differently by “aware” that yes, you have to know how to take flattering looks when they land on you;
  • They send perfection back to the closet . Imposter syndrome often stems from the belief that if you don’t excel in all aspects of your job or personal life, you’ve failed completely. It is a vision that we learn to overcome together. You will no longer aim for perfection but for the esteem of your work and your efforts. You will give yourself an obligation of means instead of an obligation of results.

How to gain confidence in your professional retraining?

Thus, the impostor syndrome is something that goes beyond itself. So that it doesn’t block a professional retraining project or a career reorientation, a personalized Jobtimise coach changes everything.

My Jobtimise coach, Matthieu, really succeeded in uninhibiting me . I had impostor syndrome. I doubted everything. Thanks to the phase of reflection and assessment, we have clarified everything. It may be silly to say that, but when we redid my CV and my Linkedin, seeing all these skills and assets, it boosted me. I realized my value.

Your personalized professional retraining coach will really keep a notebook. It will remind you of everything you know how to do, everything you will bring to your future business. So it’s a constant positive relationship that pulls you up; the antidote to the impostor syndrome in a way.

Your personalized coach is going to be there at every stage of the career change. It is this strong relationship of trust that will help you find your way and “zap” bad ideas like impostor syndrome.


The entire Jobtimise team will be delighted to support you in your professional project and we will be committed and invested in allowing you to flourish in a new job. If you wish to make a conversion, we are available to guide you through this process of change in complete safety. Imposter syndrome will be a distant memory.

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