Unique Corn Sàrl (hereinafter: “the Company”) is a company active in the field of
vocational and educational guidance, vocational training, support and
professional coaching and human resource consulting.
These General Conditions of Service govern the operation of cases also
different from those of senior managers, skilled workers, senior managers, trainees,
high-level engineers or beginners.
In general, relations between the Company and the beneficiaries of its services
are governed by the principles of good faith. Unique Corn Sàrl strives to demonstrate
flexibility and understanding.
However, in the absence of express written agreement to the contrary from The Company, only the present
conditions govern the service relationship.


1. Definition
a) “Jobtimise” is a trademark of Unique Corn Sàrl domiciled: Rue du Petit
Chêne 22, C/O Gaapex SARL, 1003 Lausanne – Switzerland VAT: CHE-494.233.370.
b) “Contract” includes these General Conditions of Service, the description
and the pricing of the chosen formula as well as any written amendments to the
General Conditions of Service.
c) “Subscriber”: the beneficiary of the professional support services.
d) “Support period”: period of support and coaching
effective defined according to the support formula chosen by the Subscriber.
e) “Transformation period”: support period subsequent to period
accompaniment defined according to the accompaniment formula chosen.
f) “Lump sum fixed amount”: this is the lump sum due by the Subscriber to the
beginning of the support opening access to the Company’s services.
g) “Success Bonus”: this is the amount to be paid at the end of the Transition Period
if the support is successful.

2. Purpose
1. These General Conditions of Service are intended to define the relationship
contractual between the Company and the Subscriber. These conditions apply to
all the services offered by the Company through its website and
through an Internet promotion.
2. Unless there is an express written agreement to the contrary, the subscription to any offer proposed by the Company
implies unreserved acceptance by the Subscriber of these Conditions
General Services.

3. Registration methods
1. The Subscriber must register by completing the online form
registration for this purpose. No pre-registration can be done by phone.
or fax. The form can be returned by email in digital format if necessary.
(signed .pdf format or scan of the original signed copy manually). Within eight
days from this pre-registration, the Subscriber will receive by e-mail the
these General Conditions of Service, the description of the service requested, as well as
than its pricing.
2. Registration will only be deemed final upon receipt of payment of the
Fixed lump sum by the Subscriber himself, or by third parties making the payment,
specifying that it is used to pay the Subscriber’s registration fees.
3. In the event of staggered payment of the fixed lump sum, registration is deemed
final upon receipt of the first payment.

4. Remuneration of the Company
1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the services of the Company are remunerated through:
has. a fixed lump sum generally paid when the Subscriber registers
and ;
b. a Success Bonus that must be paid following the completion of an event
constitutive of the success of the accompaniment.
Example: complete coaching formula = “fixed” payment of CHF 899.- + Bonus for the success of
CHF 1’151.-, total price of CHF 2’050.-

5. Method of payment of the fixed lump sum
1. Save for the exceptions provided for in Articles 12 and 13, the Fixed Lump Sum is due in its entirety.
whole by the Subscriber independently of a termination of the contract by the Subscriber and
notwithstanding a spreading of the payment of the Fixed Lump Sum.

6. Due date and method of payment of the Success Bonus
1. The Success Bonus is due within 30 days of the successful completion of
the accompaniment. The Subscriber has the duty to inform the Company of the success of
accompaniment as soon as it is carried out.
2. Successful support is considered if, at the end of the Transition Period, the
Subscriber has alternatively:
a) a job offer that he decides to accept;

b) a promotion in his company or a significant salary increase of
more than 10%;
c) decided to create his business alone or with partners;
d) joins a business as a partner.

3. At the end of the Conversion Period, the Subscriber shall transmit to the Company
by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, all documents allowing
demonstrate that his professional situation has not changed and that no event
constituent of a successful accompaniment has taken place. In particular, a Subscriber
remained unemployed will send a certificate of registration to a public service of the
job seekers dated the current month. Failing this sending within 2 months
following the end of the Conversion Period, the Subscriber must in all
case pay the Success Bonus.

7. Pricing
1. The Rates sent by e-mail by the Company to the Subscriber are valid
for a period of 30 days following notification of said email. Past this
period of validity, these transmitted Tariffs are valid only if they do not derogate from the
pricing indicated on the website of or
2. The prices indicated are exclusive of tax, unless there is an explicit mention of an all-tax price.
included (including tax).
3. The Company expressly reserves the right to modify its prices at any time during
the year. However, as soon as you subscribe to a Company service, either upon receipt of the
payments, the prices can no longer be modified by the Company and the latter cannot
may retroactively request an additional amount for any reason.
4. The prices indicated on the advertising media are not contractual and do not bind the

8. Method of payment
1. The subscriber has the option of paying the Company by online payment or by bank transfer
banking only.

9. Spreading of payments
1. The subscriber can contact the administration of the Company by email in order to
request a staggering or deferral of payments. The Company is free
to accept or refuse such a request.

10. Payment through the use of public aid
1. In the event of total payment for the training courses via public aid, the training courses
may be subject to separation in the form of a payment of a Fixed Amount
lump sum and a success bonus. The client pays in full via the aid obtained or in
completing these. Except in the case of an express written agreement of the Company, the payment
is not subordinated to the success of the accompaniment.

11. Funding of training by a legal person
1. In the event of total payment for training via a legal entity (company, association,
foundation), the formations cannot be separated in the form of a
payment of a fixed lump sum and a success bonus .

The customer pays in full via the aid obtained, but still has the possibility of requesting a spreading of these
payments. Except with the express written consent of the Company, payment is not
contingent on the success of the support.

12. Withdrawal period
1. The Subscriber has a period of seven (7) clear days after payment of
registration to exercise the right of withdrawal, and the fees paid will be
reimbursed in full without the Subscriber having to justify the reasons for the
2. The right of withdrawal of seven (7) days cannot be exercised if the execution of the Contract has
already started.

13. Cancellation conditions
1. Any registration that has become definitive may be canceled free of charge under
provided that no service has already been provided by the Company (including participation in
group or individual training sessions, access to eLearning modules,
the sending of “Road Books”, coaching sessions, telephone exchanges with
trainers). This cancellation must be brought to the attention of the Company by Letter
Registered with acknowledgment of receipt at least five (5) days before the date of
start of training.
2. As soon as services have been provided by the Company to the Subscriber, the Fixed Amount
lump sum is due notwithstanding the part of the services actually provided. However, in
case of termination motivated by force majeure or validated beforehand by the administration of
the Company, reimbursement will be made pro rata to the services already provided.
3. Even in the event of termination, the Success Bonus is due if the constituent elements of a
successful accompaniment provided for in art. 6 of these General Conditions of Service
are carried out within 30 days following the termination of the Contract.

14. Subscriber’s duty to inform
1. The Subscriber undertakes to provide all the information necessary for the correct
performance of the Contract by the Company. In particular, the latter undertakes to inform without
delays the Company from any event constituting successful support.

15. Personal data
1. By accepting the Contract, the Subscriber consents to the Company collecting, on a
legal, personal data concerning him necessary for the performance of the Contract
such as in particular: name, address, telephone number, email address, Curriculum
Vitae, professional status.
2. The Company undertakes not to communicate this information to third-party companies
except with the express agreement of the Subscriber.

16. Teaching materials
1. Unless otherwise provided, any material made available to the Subscriber within the framework
services provided by the Company remains the property of the Company.

17. Intellectual Property
1. All elements relating to the content of the services, and relating to the Company’s website
are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. It is forbidden to
reproduce, exploit, redistribute or use for any reason whatsoever, even partially and
in any form whatsoever, without the express agreement of the Company.

18. Rules of good conduct
1. The Subscriber undertakes to comply with the instructions of the personnel of the company,
consultants, course speakers, coaches, premises and equipment made available to them
available physically or online, as well as the times provided by the timetable.
Any serious or repeated breach of these requirements may result in the cancellation of the Contract.

19. Company’s duty of care
1. The Company is liable to the Subscriber for the proper and faithful execution of the
Contract. The Company will make every effort that may reasonably be required of it
to help the Subscriber achieve the purpose of the Contract in accordance with the chosen formula.
2. Although the Company will endeavor to implement efforts that may be
reasonably requested of it, no results are guaranteed by the Company.

20. Exchanges and availability of consultants
1. The configuration of Jobtimise coaching and the use of digital tools aims to
maximum responsiveness. Seizing opportunities is imperative, with sound advice
Jobtimise consultants. The Company’s customers should make maximum use of this
help and all the many tools available to them.

21. Safeguard clause
1. If any provision of the Terms of Service is or becomes invalid or if the
General Conditions of Services are incomplete, the other clauses of the Contract will remain
valid. The invalid provision is replaced by a provision which then intervenes in the
meaning and purpose of the invalid provision having legal effect. The same rule applies to
any contractual deficiencies.

22. Legal remedy/jurisdiction
1. The legal relationship between the Company and the Subscriber is governed by Swiss law unless
a mandatory rule of law provides otherwise. Unless there is a mandatory rule of law to the contrary,
the parties agree that the court of the registered office of the Company will have sole jurisdiction
to hear any disputes. The Company is however entitled to bring an action
against the buyer before the court of the registered office of the latter.

23. Effects after termination of the contractual relationship
1. Notwithstanding the end of the contractual relationship, the clauses of articles 15,16 and 17 will remain
effective in accordance with their terms.