Artificial intelligence that’s good for you (professionally speaking!)

Going to a job interview can be as frightening as coming across a grizzly bear in your garden. In fact, some studies suggest that 92% of people experience significant anxiety before an interview. But what if you could turn that scary grizzly into a friendly teddy bear? That’s where comes in.

I prepared for my interview with a Jobtimise coach, but when I couldn’t sleep the night before, I used Jobtimind to the hilt and the combo was perfect. Jocelyn

The brainchild of our Jobtimise experts (some of whom are also experts at LinkedIn Learning), is a virtual coach that uses reliable, tried and tested methods to help you land your dream job. Imagine a personal trainer who, instead of pushing you to do push-ups, prepares you to answer the toughest questions in a job interview.

Combining the best of AI with the expertise of HR professionals who have written books on the subject, is here to turn your interview anxiety into unshakable confidence. So, are you ready to turn this grizzly into a teddy bear?


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